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  • Eazycut Handheld Trimmers

    Eazycut Handheld Trimmers

    Thanks to the superior cutting quality, the Eazycut Trimmer 300/ 400/ 1200 /1600 series are used for the pruning of young plants in greenhouses and in outside beds. Lavender and other herbs, roses, hydrangea, buxus and many other plants can be cut perfectly with the Eazycut 1200/1600 series.

    The Ezycut Handheld Trimmers are also used widely for the collection of clippings and harvesting salads, herbs and even products like salicornea (sea grass), and come with superb self-sharpening knifes. This series will definately save you on labour costs.

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    Technical Specifications

    Eazycut 400

    Weight: 8kg

    Knife length 300mm

    Workers: 1 Person

    Eazycut 1200

    Weight: 14kg

    Knife length 1200mm

    Workers: 2 Persons

    Eazycut 1600

    Weight: 15kg

    Knife length 1600mm

    Workers: 2 Persons