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  • Urbinati D415 Trimmer

    Urbinati D415 Trimmer

    The Urbinati D415 Trimmer is perfect for trimming and collecting plants with trunk or half-woody leaves, scion and aromatics. It is easy to adjust, versatile and simple to maintain. Cutting is achieved with reciprocating blades and blowing on the conveyor belt.

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    • Cutting system with reciprocating blades
    • Adjustable cutting height from 40 mm to 350 mm with indicator (adjustable with a single handle)
    • Max tray width: 415 mm
    • Blower with adjustable flow rate and handle to choose the desired height and inclination
    • Transversal conveyor belt for cut part of the plants
    • Adjustable production up to 1200 trays/hour
    • Advancement belt length 3300 mm with adjustable electronic speed
    • Wheels diameter 200 mm.
    • Crate for exceeding material, capacity 90 L
    • Limit switch start/stop
    • Machine is easy to inspect and clean
    • Installed power 2 kW, 400/230 V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
    • Weight 280 kg