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  • Wanjet HP300 High-Pressure Sprayer

    Wanjet HP300

    The Wanjet HP300 is a modern high-pressure spray unit for efficient greenhouse spraying. It can be adapted for efficient spraying of all types of plants and includes a large range of spray nozzles for the best possible adaption to the work requirements.

    Fine Spray

    The Wanjet nozzle gives a fine spray achieving superior cultivation coverage, improving effects of preparations. Good penetration of plants is gained thanks to powerful air turbulence and liquid streams and working times are reduced through high machine capacity.

    Powerful Turbulence

    The machine is fitted with an electric motor and a modern plunger pump. The tank is manufactured in transparent polyethylene and its volume is graduated for quick checking of the content's level. The lack of sharp corners makes the tank easy to clean, and it is shaped to provide complete emptying when spraying.

    Shorter Working Time

    Automatic agitation is arranged via a by-pass valve. The filtration of particles is carried out in two stages via a filter in the tank filler and partly by means of a filter housing with a replaceable filter element mounted between tank and pump. A hose reel, mounted at two points at a convenient height with three-direction movement, saves time and reduces wear on the hose. Pressure can be set with a regulator (between 0 and 150 bar) and with a change of nozzle the machine can be used for high pressure cleaning.

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    Technical Specifications

    Power output 4.0 kW, 220/380 V, 3-phase
    Pump capacity 15 L/min
    Working pressure 0-150 bar
    Tank agitation Yes
    Tank volume 300 L
    Cable length 10 m
    Hose reel 100 m max hose length
    Dimensions 160x75x121 cm
    Weight 125 kg