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  • Wanjet F40 Fogging Machine

    Wanjet F40 Fogging Machine

    The Wanjet F30 treats up to 4800 m2 and works completely unattended with the help of a microprocessor. Fully automatic atomisation can be set to start at any time up to 24 hours.


    Once the machine has been loaded with the solution and starting time set, agitation starts to keep the solution homogeneous and continues throughout atomisation.


    When the preset start time is reached, the generator fan builds up air circulation in the space that is to be treated.


    After pre-ventilation, atomisation starts and continues until a sensor control detects the tank is empty.

    Automatic cleaning

    When atomisation is complete, the water in the wash tank is drained into the solution tank. The water is then atomised so that the tank, hoses and nozzle are cleaned.

    Final ventilation

    The generator’s last program stage distributes the particles floating in the air, and when final ventilation is complete, all functions on the unit stop.

    High performance

    The design of the fan housing is the result of an extensive work on aerodynamics. All components in contact with chemicals are made of polythene and stainless steel. The chassis is zinc- plated to prevent rusting. With the specially designed intake, air guides and conical front, a very powerful air stream has been achieved.

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    Technical Specifications

    Fog capacity 0-17 L/h
    Control unit microprocessor
    Reach 120 m
    Tank capacity 2x12 lL
    Cleaning system Automatic
    Voltage 380-400 VAC, 2.8 kW
    Fan capacity 10800 m3/h
    Fan motor power 2x370 W
    Blower power 2x1000 W
    Adjustable height 140-190 cm
    Dimensions 130x100x165 cm
    Weight 85 kg