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  • Wanjet F30si Fogging Machine

    The Wanjet F30si Fogging Machine

    The Wanjet F30SI is designed for stationary installation and features fully automatic atomisation. It can treat 2400m2. The method of working is similar to the Wanjet F30 model, but the machine is divided into two parts: The fogging unit - mounted like a circulation fan - allowing flexibility to place the unit anywhere in the area to be treated. The second part is the tank control unit - mounted with two bolts in a safe and convenient height for the operator. The output setting is adjustable from the control unit. Software is being developed to connect the F30si to most of the existing climate computers on the market.

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    Techncial Specifications


    • Chemical Tank 12L
    • Fresh Water Tank 2L
    • Complete with brackets and suspension chains
    • Self Cleaning
    • Includes micro-computer, in-built test and diagnostics
    • Easy read LCD display and operator keywith
    • 1kW blower motor
    • 370W fan
    • Delayed starting
    • Pre- and post-ventilation
    • Agitation