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  • Wanjet F20 Series Fogging Machine

    Wanjet F20, F21, F22 and F23

    The Wanjet F20 series are designed for the treatment of large areas. The design of the fan housing is the result of extensive work on aerodynamics. With a specially designed intake, air control and conical front, a very powerful air stream with a long range has been achieved.

    Minimised exposure to chemicals

    A timer makes unattended treatments up to 12 hours possible, leading to reduced exposure to chemicals.

    High reliability

    Great care was taken during the design stage to use simple and dependable technical constructions that minimise service and maintenance needs. All components in contact with machine chemicals are made of polythene and stainless steel. The chassis is zinc plated to prevent rusting.

    Wheeled chassis or stand

    The Wanjet F20 and F22 models are equipped with stands to be placed on the floor, a table or on a trolley. The Wanjet F21 and F23 models are equipped with a wheeled chassis for easy portability.


    Wanjet F20 & F21 have an agitation system using air pressure from the blower. Wanjet F22 & F23 have an electric motor agitation system, which is assembled on a telescope arm.



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    Technical Specifications

      F20 F21 F22 F23
    Fog capacity 0-8,5 l/h 0-8,5 l/h 0-8,5 l/h 0-8,5 l/h
    Reach 60 m 60 m 60 m 60 m
    Tank capacity 12 L 12 L 12 L 12 L
    Agitation by air by air by electric motor by electric motor
    Fan capacity 5400 m3/h 5400 m3/h 5400 m3/h 5400 m3/h
    Fan motor power 370 W 370 W 370 W 370 W
    Blower power 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W
    Equipped with Stand Wheeled chassis Stand Wheeled chassis
    Adjustable height - 140 - 190 cm - 140 - 190 cm
    Dimensions cm 110 x 60 x 88 130 x 70 x 165 110 x 60 x 88 130 x 70 x 165
    Weight 30 kg 38 kg 34 kg 42 kg