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  • Urbinati EP Plug Popper

    Urbinati EP Plug Popper

    The EP Plug Popper from Urbinati makes it easy to dislodge seedling plugs from trays. The machine holds the tray securely and uses compressed air to provide an even force across the tray. Seedling plugs are gently removed without damage. This method of de-popping, as opposed to manual extraction, results in seedling plugs with more uniform growth. Plants are able to be transplanted into their new containers faster using this electro-pneumatic plug popping machine.


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    Technical Specifications

    MAX. TRAYS DIMENSIONS EP – 600x400x100 mm
    EP/L – 750x500x100 mm
    WEIGHT 170 kg
    AIR USAGE 75 l/min. 75
    PUSHING POWER 400 kg
    OPTIONS Plates with plug
    Supporting plate for light or thermoformed trays
    Up and down hydro-pneumatic adjuster
    Second upper blade of tray stop