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  • Urbinati EA Automatic Plug Popper

    Urbinati EA Automatic Plug Popper

    The Urbinati EA Automatic Plug Popper makes de-popping seedling plugs from their trays, quick and hassle free. Production is from 400 to an incredible 1000 trays per hour, so for the professional nursery interested in saving labour, there is no better device on the market.  It extracts the plants from the trays with automatic tray positioning and runs on electricity.


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    PRODUCTION Advancement with cross bars and electronic positioning of the tray
    Mechanic pushing head with 4 eccentrics
    Self-centering depopper plate with plugs and rapid side substitution
    Removable exit table
    Wheels 250 mm ø
    Electric panel with PLC, inverter and turning control board with machine condition display, diagnostics and automatic working
    PRODUCTION TRAYS/HOUR From 400 to 1000 trays/hour
    WEIGHT 390 kg-Pushing Power 500 KG
    INSTALLED POWER 1,5 KW 400 V 3 PH 50/60 Hz
    OPTIONS Plug plate self-centering
    Exit belt