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  • Portable Post and Rail

    Portable Post and Rail

    The Portable Post and Rail System designed by Transplant Systems, for benching and moving seedlings, represents the very latest in tray transport thinking. This system is being used successfully in Australia and is an ideal solution for New Zealand growers who require complete flexibility in the tray handling solution. The system can be easily installed on a site without the need for any concreting of posts. Posts are simply placed on a prepared compacted hard base or on top of pavers, and this allows the smart nursery manager to reduce the cost of installation significantly.

    The whole system can be located, relocated and even moved between sites as required. The heavy duty construction ensures a long life. The components are precision- made ensuring the whole system integrity is maintained, with smooth transitions between rails ensuring rolling benches are transported with ease. The Portable Post and Rail System is incredibly quick to assemble and on average only takes about 1 minute per 2 linear metres.

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