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  • Sfoggia Florida Transplanter

    Sfoggia Florida Transplanter

    The Florida Transplanter is suitable for plant seedlings grown in cell trays. It has independent planting units, each attached to the tool bar with a parallelogram, this guarantees an exact planting depth on uneven ground. The plant carousel can be 6 or 10 cups. The Florida Transplanter has a production rate up to 4,000 plants per hour per unit using the  6 cup model and 6,000 plants per hour per unit using the 10 cup model. The Florida can also come with a rubber Farmflex wheels, a large plant-falling pipe constructed of stainless steel, and guillotine for plant support. The STM version has a single toolbar and in the STDM version has a double toolbar.

    Common applications are plants grown in cell trays with cone shaped, cubic-shaped or cylindrical shaped cells. The Florida allows perfect transplanting even of high and/or difficult plants such as tobacco, but is also suitable for lettuce, tomato, broccoli, cabbage etc

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