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  • Sfoggia Itala Transplanter

    Sfoggia Itala Transplanter

    The Sfoggia Itala Transplanter is the ideal machine for precision planting of all vegetable, nursery bare-root plants, and small cell plants. Production is around 1,500-2,000 plants per unit per hour. The plants are removed by hand from the boxes and placed in the clips of the distributing chain, which deposits them in the furrow at desired spacing and depth.

    The Itala Transplanters are available in the following versions:

    • Steel compression wheels.
    • ST version has a single toolbar and the STD version with a double toolbar 
    • Rubber tractor wheels 
    • 1 row version available for small tractor.

    Common applications are for transplanting bare-root and cell grown plants (such as lettuce, salad, tomato and cabbage), but can also be used for small shrubs e.g. azalea.

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