Long life flat pack open trays for growing seedlings

The sides of the open tray can be unclipped and lowered giving a nice flat surface that allows for easy cleaning, washing and storage. The trays are molded from high quality polypropylene and feature an open grid base that provides excellent air pruning of bottom root systems from containers or plants raised in the open area of the tray. Drainage is excellent if the trays are benched correctly. The trays are not rigid thus they should be picked up with the hands positioned along the long side length and not with hands at each end of the tray. Benching is also important. The trays should be placed upon under-tray supports that are positioned 1/3rd from each end of the tray or on a flat grid surface.

Growing trays x3

When assembling the trays, the sides are first folded inwards and then back to connect the side panels to the end panels This is achieved by positioning the end panel formed hook into the slot opening at the end of the side panel. The next function is the press down on the top end extended part of the side panel to ensure engagement under the top part of the end panel hook. See photos. For large numbers of trays this assembly process can be mechanised.

The trays are available in three side heights 5cm, 8cm and 10 cm. The base measurement is 60 x 40 cm. Standard colour is black using carbon black as UV additive for long life use. The side hinge functions are positive without failure for the life of the tray. The trays are supplied in strapped bundles of 25 trays. Orders and price are arranged by quotation. As a guide the minimum order for manufacture is 2000 trays. For larger quantities the molding tools can be offered on a per tray royalty payment arrangement.


These trays were first produced for holding expanded sets of biodegradable paper pots in the set sizes of 60cm x 40 cm and remain suitable for that purpose. Additional uses are many including storing and raising of bulbs and transport trays for order picking of biodegradable containers. Samples are available.


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