Capability statement

Transplant Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company with head office and warehouse located in the township of Berwick, some 50km south east of Melbourne city.

The company retains integrity in its commitment to its customers and to its suppliers. Much of its sales program is unmatched by others and offers world leading plant handling and planting technology to its customers.

While the company has products of its own design and manufacture, its core business is to supply, install and commission specialised machinery and equipment for plant propagators, production nurseries and for field planting operations. The span of activity encompasses commercial vegetable growers, bedding plant and potted flower growers, forestry and ornamentals.

The company employs specialist staff qualified in plant raising, technical engineering design, sales and service and marketing. Staff travel widely and have developed close cooperation with suppliers guaranteeing quality assurance at all levels of the procurement, supply and installation processes.

The company has won domestic and international recognition for its capabilities in plant nursery design, construction, installation and commissioning and through these projects has developed an integrated team of professional consultants experienced in civil structural, mechanical and electrical engineering requirements meeting local compliances. This enables the company to tender for major containerised nursery projects. The company also has experience working with independent project managers for non-turnkey developments where the principal wishes to work more closely with the supplier in developing specific nursery concepts and work flow methods.

The company is committed to offering its customers a trouble free approach to development decision-making and to installing only the most suitable machinery, equipment and solutions to ensure the customers investment remains secured and provides the highest possible cost recovery within the shortest period.

Unqualified references are available from the company's customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. New projects are under negotiation in south East Asia. References are also available from the company's suppliers.