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Transplant Systems Pty Ltd is a progressive Australian company with headquarters based in Berwick, Victoria. We specialise in the supply, installation & maintenance of machinery and associated equipment for improving the efficiency of production nurseries that grow plants in containers. Our customers include small family run nurseries through to commercial vegetable growers and large scale forestry plantation nurseries. Our staff are experienced in the mechanisation and automation of plant nursery production lines and, with our strong connections to European and American horticultural equipment manufacturers, we can recommend and install equipment that satisfies your needs and budget. We also design, build and service automatic field planting systems and have our own plastic injection molding tools for our vegetable and forest seedling growing trays. We have offices in Australia and New Zealand and welcome enquiries from anywhere in the world.

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Below: Urbinati seeding drum for high speed accurate sowing. Available on its own or as part of a complete seeding line. Cauliflower seedling grown by Boomaroo Nursery in our TS144 cell tray with root breaker fins. Ready for transplanting with our four row automatic seedling planter built in Melbourne, Australia.

Seedling growing

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Urbinati showcase video

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Tray filling machine and seed sowing for forestry by Urbinati

Featured machinery - Trimmers

Automatic trimming machines are huge labour savers in the nursery. Trimming foliage by hand is slow and cumbersome. With an automatic trimmer you can be assured of predictable plant uniformity. Not only that but cuttings are easily collected for disposal or re-processing. We supply trimmers that are high quality, very reliable and industry proven from our partners such as Lanz, Hamilton Design and Urbinati.


Wether it's a ball trimmer, bench trimmer or a trimmer for tray grown seedlings, we are sure that we have a machine to suit your needs. To see the wide range of trimming machinery that we can supply, please follow the link

Trimming machines

Seedling planting with Finputki.

Semi-automatic planters

Our semi-automatic planting machines are built to the highest standards and are made to last! We have been building our own planters for 25 years plus and are continually investing and improving their design and reliability.

Semi automatic planting machine sml

Above: Secured to pallet ready for transport to a Queensland grower

We can build skid planters to suit your needs from 1 row to 8 rows. We can also supply semi-automatic Wire Finger Planters. We recommend growers try semi-automatic planting before trying to move from manual planting processes to our labour saving fully automatic planters.

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Semi-automatic planters